Yard Clean-Up Calgary

Yard Clean-up Calgary

Over time, yards can accumulate all sorts of debris, from fallen leaves and branches to overgrown shrubs and unwanted weeds. This can make your outdoor area look messy and unattractive. However, our yard clean-up service in Calgary is here to transform your yard from a source of stress into a source of pride and enjoyment.

We offer a wide array of yard clean-up services to address every type of debris and disorder. For fallen leaves and branches, we perform thorough raking and collection, leaving your yard tidy and free of organic debris that can smother your grass and create a haven for pests.

For overgrown shrubs and plants, our pruning service can restore them to a manageable and attractive state. We understand the art and science of pruning and can tailor our approach to each specific type of plant in your yard.

Our yard clean-up service also addresses unwanted weeds that can take over your flower beds and other planted areas. We use safe, effective methods of weed removal to ensure these invaders are completely eradicated without harming your desired plants.

And if your yard is suffering from a clutter of non-organic items, such as old furniture or building materials, we offer a hauling service that can remove these items quickly and efficiently.

Finally, our yard clean-up service includes a final touch of blowing off your paths, patios, and driveways, leaving your entire outdoor area looking neat and welcoming.

At our Calgary-based company Golden Angel, we believe that a clean, tidy yard is essential for enjoying your

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