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Yes, we provide short-term services, perfect for vacations or brief absences. We recommend scheduling a bit before and after your trip for your convenience.

Yes, we can arrange snow removal during your vacation, ideally covering a few days before and after for your ease.

We have an app online that you could log in to see the teams arrival times and completion. As well, you could view photos of before and after cleanings.

We cater to all residential areas within Calgary, ensuring everyone has access to quality snow removal.

Yes, we provide services for both commercial and residential properties.

If any spot is missed, contact us at [email protected] and we’ll address it promptly.


Standard is cleared within 24 hours of snowfall. Premium is faster and we come very early in the morning at your requested time.

Definitely! Just specify extra areas in your booking comment, and we’ll confirm any additional costs before finalizing.

Our services are flexible, with a minimum one-month commitment and no penalties for early cancellation.

You can cancel without penalty if you give us a 30 days notice. For immediate cancellation, we have a small charge for that.

Ice melt is applied as needed during snow clearing visits to effectively melt snow and ice, without additional charges.

Our monthly snow removal service requires a minimum commitment of one month. However, we also offer per-time plans and on-demand services for those seeking more flexibility.


Our monthly rates for a standard lot range from $160-$300+, varying based on the clearing area. We ensure competitive and fair pricing for all clients.

Our service includes unlimited visits for a flat monthly rate, with no additional charges for frequent snowfall. However, we have another service plan which the monthly rate based on the number of visits per month or period.

No, our flat monthly rate covers all snowfall intensities, even during heavy snowfalls.

Yes, we provide a 10% discount for 3-6 properties and a 20% discount for more than 6, applied automatically when booked under the same account.

For multiple properties, each is billed separately, and discounts are applied for bulk registrations under the same account.


During extreme weather, our team might take longer to reach you, but rest assured we try our best to minimize the delay as best of our ability.

Absolutely, you can request a specific time for snow removal by opting for our Premium Snow Removal Plan. This plan includes an additional charge but ensures we accommodate your scheduling preferences.

We use safe, environmentally friendly equipment and techniques for efficient and responsible snow removal

In case of unexpected heavy snowfall or blizzards, we adjust our schedules to ensure timely service.

We take customer feedback seriously and strive to address any concerns or complaints promptly to ensure your satisfaction with our services.

Our commitment to timely, efficient, and customer-focused service, combined with competitive pricing and advanced equipment, sets us apart in the Calgary area.

For urgent snow removal needs, we offer on-demand service option. Contact us directly to discuss the specifics and arrange for immediate assistance.

You can login to our app to access the teams arrival and service completion time.

Our teams start as early as 6 am for residential properties.

Our snow removal services are initiated following the conclusion of the snowfall. In the case of continuous snow events, our teams are deployed to maintain a safe and accessible environment for everyone.

Our crews are typically dispatched the morning after the snowfall ends, with daily service for ongoing snow events.

We prioritize snow clearing for our Premium and then Standard clients.

We use a variety of tools, including shovels, blowers, and snow plow, ensuring efficient and safe snow removal.

Conditions like windrows, packed snow, and ice buildup are addressed separately, and can be arranged for an additional charge.

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